Read what some former students and parents have to say about Story Book Farm Art School.


"Your help and encouragement mean so much. I had a great year with you as my art teacher. Thank you for being awesome! I hope you have a great summer. I'll see you in the fall."

Anne Horan

"Thank you for the delicious food and for providing such a postive, supporting atmosphere in which to learn. I'm so glad to be a part of ths wonderful group of women." 

Jillian Landsman

"I really appreciate everything you do to teach me art. Thank you for sharing your great talent with me! You are patient, persistent and gracious. You passed on many skills to me and my friends.Thank you for all you've done. Sincerely your best fan."

Sally Black

"My girls wait all year for summer art camp to begin and they are never dissapointed. Except when the week is over."

Louise Haight

"It's always refreshing to be with you and all your lovely 'artsy' ladies. This definitely a unique group of very wonderful and gifted people. I love you all."