My Philosophy


At Story Book Farm, I strive to instill in my students an appreciation and enjoyment of their art experience. I teach my students art concepts and skills that they will use to express their unique ideas. Students start with three classes in basic drawing and then progress into pastel painting. It is very rewarding to watch my students gain confidence in their own artistic ability as they aquire the skills that make it possible to capture what they see. Whether it is in art, music, science, math or writing, creativity is a very important skill to have because that is where new ideas come from. "Imagination is more important than knowledge."--Albert Einstein. I strongly believe that this confidence in one's creative ability encourages a person to be more innovative in all areas of interest. My measure of success is the degree to which students enjoy art while developing their greatest creative potential. I would like to welcome the new students and thank those that have been with me over the years.


Artfully Yours,


Marion Suarez-Schenck